Compensation per passenger

EUR 250 if flight distance is less than 1,500 kms;
EUR 400 if flight distance is between 1,500 – 3,500 kms;
EUR 600 if flight distance is more than 3,500 kms.

Compensation can be paid if:

  • Flight delay was happened within the last 5 years;
  • Flight belonged to an EU airline or flight boarded from at the airport of an EU country;
  • Flight delay was more than 3 hours;
  • Flight delay was caused by the fault of the airline, not by extraordinary circumstances;

About Us

Delay of a flight can cause serious unpleasantness for the passengers. For those who miss the first days of their holiday or a family occasion the flight delay caused by the fault of the airline can cause inestimable damages. After the delay these passengers often think about making contact directly the airlines in order to reimburse their damages. Experiences show, that in most of these cases the airlines refuse or ignore the passengers’ claims for compensation. To make matters worse, in some cases the airlines impugn their responsibility. In these cases the most common plea that the delay was caused by extraordinary circumstances.


Airlines refuse immediately the demands of passengers’ 80-85%, even in that case if the passengers are entitled to compensation. In most cases airlines give a justification for their decision the extraordinary conditions and circumstances. The most common causes of delays are bad weather conditions, unexpected technical errors, collision with birds or airline staff strike. Experiences also show that airlines refuse the most of passengers’ claim for demand, and they do not want to compensate the passengers’ damages. In those cases passengers can validate their claims only in litigation.

Starting litigation against an airline can be a long, stressful and tiring process for those who are not experts in law. Those who start this process alone – even if they get any answers from the airline (mostly refusal) – have to bring an action before a court, where they have to face the full legal arsenal and qualified attorneys of the airline. In case of lawsuit the passengers can prove their truth difficultly, because they have neither weather nor technical data to prove the fault of the airlines. Starting litigation or not-litigation against European airlines – especially against airlines from non European Union member countries – can be so difficult, because these airlines have not their head office in the passengers' country and they can not speak the passengers' language. In most cases litigation does not take place in the home court, and interpreter is a must.

We can help you getting compensation easily and fast in case of airline refusal.

AIMTOCLAIM.EU was established to abolish your annoying onus during these kinds of legal process. We can pay compensation for your unpleasantness regardless of the airline. Due to online administration you can arrange this procedure at your home by your personal computer, sending your personal and travel documents and only after some clicks you can demand compensation from our company Give it a try, and reduce your damage caused by flight delay. And let us take care of inconvenience.

Solicitor Fees

15 % success fee;
No win no fee;