Compensation per passenger

EUR 250 if flight distance is less than 1,500 kms;
EUR 400 if flight distance is between 1,500 – 3,500 kms;
EUR 600 if flight distance is more than 3,500 kms.

Compensation can be paid if:

  • Flight delay was happened within the last 5 years;
  • Flight belonged to an EU airline or flight boarded from at the airport of an EU country;
  • Flight delay was more than 3 hours;
  • Flight delay was caused by the fault of the airline, not by extraordinary circumstances;

7 most FAQs:

1. Can I recourse to if I have already written a letter to the airline?

Yes. You can ask us any time to pay your compensation instead of the airline. As our clients often get rejections from the airlines, if they have recourse to us, we ease them from their trouble and worrying, moreover we shall pay them for their demand. We shall purchase our clients assets against the airline, so we shall ease them from the costs and waste of time in connection with the demand collection procedure.

2. How long does it take for me to get my money?

If the airline does not want to indemnify you for the caused damage, in that case you can get your rightful compensation only during a long and cramped law process. If you are not an aviation legal expert, you are obligated to study the European Union law connected with aviation. To say nothing of taking a legal action against English, French, German, American or Arabic airlines come up against difficulties, because there are no headquarters of these airlines in Hungary.

If you appeal to we can transfer the purchase price of your compensation/ demand (settled by our Company) to your bank account even within 21 days. is the passengers’ best friend.

3. I had delay insurance when I flew and I enforced it. Can I get compensation from

No. If your insurance company has already indemnified you for the delay, compensation can not be required from

4. The airline has already indemnified me for delay/cancellation. Can I get compensation from too?

No. If the airline has already indemnified you for your damage, thus you have not demand towards the airline, so can not purchase that.

5. Can I ask compensation payment for those friends or family members of mine, who have flown with me?

Yes. For this compensation payment it shall be needed your friends’/family members’ personal data and flying documents which can be shown by you. If you would like compensation for a person who is under 18 it shall be needed his/her parents’ or legal representative’s approval. However, there is no possibility paying compensation for that person who flies on the board without a seat (infant).

6. What are the advantages of selling demand?

  • The most important benefit is the immediate payment. If you do not appeal to us, it is usual that you can get your demand only after long months or years, and after legally binding of the litigation. If you appeal to our company we shall pay compensation you within 3 weeks.
  • By selling your demand you can increase the chance of getting compensation. We shall pay for you even in that case if your request shall be refused unlawfully, your compensation shall be decreased, or your payment shall be postponed. We always pay punctually.
  • There are not any costs. You do not have to pay litigation duty (6%), lawyer costs (15-25%), and implementation costs (3%). There is no post cost as well as notarial costs. And of course; time is money.
  • He gives twice who gives quickly. If you do not have time waiting for your money for years, is the best choice for you.
  • Selling demand can simplify the compensation method, you do not have to negotiate with the customer service of the airline, and you can arrange everything with online. All the required documents (assignment notification, warrant of attorney, agreement of assignment) shall be sent by e-mail, you only have to sign them.

7.What shall happen after contracting? shall examine the flight data given by you. On the evidence of our data base and other publicly available data we shall make a decision about that our Company shall purchase your demand against the airline or not. Before this decision we shall have recourse to the airline. The airline has to enforce that you and your co-passenger were on the mentioned airplane. If the airline does not enforce that fact, the factoring can not be taken place.

Solicitor Fees

15 % success fee;
No win no fee;